Based on relaxation and concentration, sophrology helps people to become more aware of their body and mind and the way they both function.

It is based on simple and easy to learn relaxation techniques.sophrology

Sophrology was developed by a Columbian neuro-psychiatrist of Spanish origins, Professor Alfonso Caycedo, in the 1960s.

It includes both easy-to-do physical and mental exercises. They are done in a state of dynamic relaxation (relaxation in movement). Sophrology aims to help people to relax, to respond more selectively to stressful events, to be more aware of their inner resources, strengths and personal values. They gradually come to live more in harmony with their body and mind. All in all, their general health is improved.

Sophrology is a derived name from three Greek words SOS (harmony, serenity), PHREN (consciousness) and LOGOS (science, study).

It is based on a combination of Eastern and Western disciplines. It is inspired by Oriental traditions (Yoga, Zen and Buddhist meditation), and Western psychology, phenomenology and hypnosis. Professor Caycedo adapted all these techniques to create a structured method that can easily be used in our daily life.

Sophrology obeys three principles : objective reality (or living here and now), new definition of one’s body image, and positive action

How to practise sophrology

Guided by the sophrologist, you will learn how to relax your entire body and reach a level of deep relaxation. From that state of consciousness, specific techniques are chosen to address your specific needs.

We practise sophrology in standing or sitting position for relaxation in movement. The individual is guided by the sophrologist’s voice all along the session. It is important to practise regularly and frequently if one wants to notice change in one’s state of mind, increase one’s capacity of letting go and apprehend life more positivily.

Its benefits

Usually, after a few months of practice, people first notice released tensions in their body, a better awareness of their body and sensations. Better trained, they live more and more in the present time. Thus, they experience less worries, mind openness, increased positive thoughts and concentration. They improve their sleep and feel less tired. By slowly reconnecting to who they really are, they feel more secure and confident with themselves and others.

Where sophrology can help

  • Reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • Strengthened concentration and memory, efficient preparation for exams
  • Increased sportive performance
  • Improved sleep, reduced tireness
  • Be here and now
  • Wellbeing and recovered happiness

Individual or in Group?

Feel free to come and try individually or in group. Practising in group may seem impressive at first. However, participants will benefit from the group interaction and the exchange of experiences shared humbly and with no judgment. As for individual sessions, they offer more focused exchange between the participant and the sophrologist.

Group sessions occur every other Wednesday (odd week numbers) and Friday (even week numbers) at 6 p.m. They last up to 1,5 hours and cost 15 Euros (possibility to buy 10 sessions in advance for 120 Euros). We kindly request to book the session 24 hours in advance.

Individual sessions are available by appointment only. The price is 50 Euros per session.

Do not hesitate to contact me here if you have any questions or comments.

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